Raw Feeding: Why Beaver Meat is a Great Choice for Your Pets

In the world of raw feeding, the quest for novel and nutritious protein sources is always on. Enter the beaver—a wild, sustainable, and nutrient-rich meat that's gaining attention among raw feeders.

At My Pet Carnivore, we are committed to quality which is why our beavers are wild trapped providing them with a quality of life. They also have a naturally balanced, as nature intended, diet. In return, your pet consumes a well-balanced animal, free of additives or hormones.

Other Beaver Benefits include:

Allergy-Friendly Protein:
For pets with allergies or sensitivities to common proteins like chicken or beef, beaver meat offers a refreshing alternative. It's a novel protein source that can help alleviate allergic reactions in pets, making it a valuable addition to a rotational diet & an excellent choice for elimination diets!

Sustainable Wild Harvesting:
Feeding beaver meat to pets supports sustainable wildlife management, reduces waste, and promotes eco-friendly consumption practices, contributing to lower carbon footprints and conservation of natural habitats.

Excellent Red Meat Option:
Beaver meat is classified as red meat and is packed with essential nutrients like protein, iron, and B vitamins. Its nutritional profile makes it a valuable component of any raw diet, promoting muscle growth, energy, and overall vitality in pets.

Gamey Flavor Preferences:
Just like humans, pets have diverse taste preferences. While some may relish the gamey flavor of beaver meat, others may require some time to adjust. However, this variety in taste can add excitement and enrichment to a pet's mealtime, keeping them engaged and satisfied.

Suitable for Dogs and Cats:
Beaver meat isn't exclusive to canine companions—it's equally suitable for feline friends. We offer our whole ground beaver in both a coarse & a fine grind!

Incorporating beaver meat into a raw-fed pet's diet can offer a range of benefits, from addressing allergies to providing a sustainable and nutrient-rich protein source. By exploring unconventional yet wholesome options like beaver meat, pet parents can enhance their furry friends' well-being while embracing a more natural and varied approach to pet nutrition.



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