Frequently Asked Raw Feeding Questions

About My Pet Carnivore

Do you have a storefront/retail location that I can browse?
No, we are an online company only.

Where are you located?
Our headquarters is in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Products we sell are sourced from Indiana and Michigan.

What are your hours?
As an online business, you can shop 24/7.  If you're looking for help or to speak to one of our team, our regular office hours are Monday – Friday 10 AM – 6 PM (EST).

It's All About the Pet Food

I’m just starting out! There’s so much information. How do I begin?
Raw feeding is a daunting thing for beginners.  That's why we created our Raw Feeding 101 and Getting Started Guides.

What is the difference between “coarse ground” & “fine ground”?
The two grinds are the same product, just different textures. In general, the coarse is a chunkier grind, close to what one might see in sausage, with visible pieces of bone. The fine is a little bit finer than regular hamburger with tiny pieces of bone. The difference in texture is not dramatic. However, many cats &  small dogs may prefer the finer grinds.

Your label states that your products are not complete, why?
Our products are manufactured under FDA and State regulators with strict rules for both safe and legal pet food.  Federal labeling standards require the use of supplemental additives so that every meal is complete.  We do not use any additives, and instead we prefer a holistic approach where variety creates a well-rounded diet. Humans rarely have a “nutritionally complete” meal (most of us never have), but we know the basics of good nutrition &  know to vary our diets enough to include all of the things we need. We believe that this is true for our pet’s diet as well.

Do I need to add any supplements?
We do not recommend any supplements, nor do we sell them.  It has been our experience that by feeding a whole prey diet with a variety of proteins over time, your dog, cat or ferret will get all of the nutrients that a healthy pet needs.

Do you have a laboratory analysis of your products?
Yes.  Products have nutritional breakdowns on the product page, listing the fat, protein & moisture content.

How much should I be feeding?
For adult dogs and cats, you typically want to feed between 2-3% of their body weight daily. For adult ferrets, you want to feed about 10% of their body weight daily. For growing fur babies, it’s about double those percentages.

Regarding My Order

Where do you deliver?
We deliver throughout the continental U.S.  Find more details at Delivery Methods page.

Do you have a minimum order?
No, there are no minimums.

What do I do if there’s something wrong with my order?
Please contact us as soon as possible! You have three days after you’ve received your order to report any issues. We need to know what’s wrong in order to make it right!


Eco-Delivery vs. FedEx
For our Eco-Delivery service we are utilizing smaller local couriers that will deliver the order to your door. This offers a better shipping price compared to FedEx & faster turnaround time from us dropping off the package to it being delivered. This allows us to use less packing material while still getting the order to you frozen.

Will the order come frozen?
Eco-Delivery orders are still shipped with insulation & ice packs (or dry ice, if needed). So, they will arrive very cold, if not frozen solid. We drop the orders off at the courier either the day before or the day of the delivery. This gives the order very little time to thaw.

Shipping Cost
The shipping fee for Eco-Delivery is $17.95 for any weight & free for orders over $250!

Delivery Dates & Deadlines

To see a map of delivery areas and their respective schedules, see our Delivery Methods page.

Do I have to meet a truck?
Eco-Deliveries are delivered to your door! No need to leave your home.

FedEx Orders

The shipping seems pricey, is it?
My Pet Carnivore has negotiated with FedEx to get significantly reduced shipping rates. We pass these savings on to you. My Pet Carnivore does not make any money on shipping. In fact, we subsidize every box in an attempt to make it more affordable for you!

Is there a shipping minimum?
No, there are never minimums.

How do you ship frozen products?
All our items are shipped frozen in insulated boxes with either dry ice or gel packs. We use algorithms to ensure that we pack enough dry ice into each order that the order will arrive cold, if not frozen. Some thawing may occur & that is nothing to worry about..

What is dry ice?
Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, which is a normal part of the Earth’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide forms dry ice when it reaches -109.3 F, this makes dry ice especially helpful for shipping frozen goods. Dry ice transitions directly from a solid, back into a gas, without going through a liquid stage. We pack each order with enough dry ice to keep items cold during the estimated transit time. Orders will sometimes arrive without any dry ice left in the box. This is normal & acceptable

My order arrived thawed, is it safe to use?
Despite our best efforts to keep orders frozen during transit, thawing may occur. If you receive your order & the product it is thawed, but still cold, it is safe to feed or refreeze.

Can I have FedEx hold my order at a location?
If for some reason you choose to call FedEx & have them hold your order at a location, please know that Dollar Generals & Walgreens will not hold perishable orders that contain dry ice. So, you will need to choose a FedEx location that is not a Dollar General or Walgreens.

What does estimated transit time mean?
The estimated transit time applies to ground shipments. It is the time that FedEx is typically able to get a package from our HQ in Indianapolis to different areas. The estimated transit time starts the day after FedEx picks an order up from us. For example: The estimated transit time is 2 days. The package is shipped on Monday. You should not expect to see your package until Wednesday, because Tuesday &  Wednesday are the 2 transit days.

What is the difference in Ground shipping & Express shipping?
Ground shipping is shipped via truck only. Express options are shipped via air. So, any ground shipments are likely to take longer than express options. Additionally, the trucks used to transport packages via ground are not refrigerator or freezer trucks. Ground shipping also has no guaranteed delivery time, while Express does have guaranteed delivery times.

All of the states covered by our Flat Rate shipping rates receive FedEx Ground shipping.

Can you ship to a PO Box?
Unfortunately, we are not able to ship to PO Boxes. Please include a physical address for us to ship your order to. If you use a PO Box as your shipping address, we will email you to ask for a physical address. This process may delay your order being shipped.

I picked an Express shipping option, why isn’t my package here yet?
The express shipping options apply to how long it will take FedEx to get your order to you once they have it. This does not include the time we need to process & pack you order. For instance, if you order & choose 2-Day shipping you will not necessarily get your package two days after the order is placed. Instead, we will take 1-2 business days to pack & process your order. Then FedEx will get your order. Once FedEx has your order, they should get it to you in two days.

Why does FedEx say that my package weighs so much?
You are only charged for product weight, but we add more weight to the box in the form of dry ice & packaging materials. So, the overall weight of the package is the product weight plus the weight that we add for packing.

How do I change my shipping address on an order that I placed?
To change your shipping address please contact us. We will change your address on our end. Please note, that if your order has already been shipped we will need to contact FedEx with your new address. This may result in delivery delays.

MPC Miscellany

I have a bunch of your old containers! Can you reuse them?
Unfortunately, we don’t have the facilities to properly clean & sterilize the containers for reuse. They are recyclable, so you can include them with your recycling or keep the empty containers to reuse. They are handy for splitting future orders into servings, planting seedlings & more.

I have a big pet family. Or, my co-op wants to purchase from you.
Terrific! We look forward to helping you! Check out how our wholesale ordering page for more information.

What about special orders?
We may be able to help you with a product that is tailor-made to your specifications. Any special order must be a minimum of 1600 LB. ordered in a single product.