Why MPC?

Avid pet lovers have many choices when it comes to raw-feeding. Pursuing a diet that your pets’ bodies were designed to eat is a worthy goal. Local farmers, butcher shops, hunting trips, etc. (as well as, other raw food companies) are all available sources. Here at MPC, we pride ourselves on bringing you products that are the very best in quality, freshness & variety. We wrap it all up with great customer care!

What makes us so confident that we have the best raw pet food company around?  Here's a few reasons:

  1. Sourcing.  We work directly with farms and meat processors to make sure we're sourcing healthy (no 4-D) animals.  By creating direct relationships with our own exclusive processors, we can control every aspect of the product quality and selection.
  2. Selection.  Just try and find another supplier with the breadth of whole-prey, wild game, allergen-friendly, and proprietary blends that we have.  From beaver to beef cows, we've got it all so that your pet's raw diet can remain diverse.
  3. Service.  We know what it takes to bring best-in-class products to your doorstep with the most efficient logistics, white-glove shipping and order packing, and knowledgeable raw-feeding staff behind the scenes.

My Pet Carnivore is a small, family-run company. We are committed to the fact that dogs, cats & ferrets are carnivores that should be fed food that their bodies were designed to eat. That means a raw meat, bone & organ diet. We believe that raw-fed pets are the happiest, healthiest pets. In addition, we believe that feeding dogs, cats &  ferrets as carnivores is cost-effective & promotes pet longevity. Along with a staff chock-full of raw feeders, we also subscribe to a variety of continuing education sources. We eat, drink & breathe raw-feeding! Most of all, our calling is a labor of love. We encourage every pet owner to pursue the facts about the best, natural diet for their pets. There are a variety of raw-feeding books, chat groups &  natural dog magazines at your fingertips through online searches.