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Ribeye Steak (for Pet Parents) 1.5lb

Ribeye Steak (for Pet Parents) 1.5lb

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For your pet carnivore's human: Pasture-raised beef ribeye steaks from Mud Creek Farm, packed 2 to a package, each approximately 12oz for a total of ~1.5lb package. Mud Creek Farm's cattle are raised on pasture all year long with unlimited options to fescue, clover, orchard grass and alfalfa hay in winter months. Their forage & hay diet is supplemented only with small amounts of Non-GMO grain for just the right amount of marbling. No hormones or antibiotics regimens are ever used. This product is inspected and labeled for human consumption. Some of the great farms that provide us with top quality proteins for your pet carnivore also produce and sell meat for you, and offering these meats in the same shipment as your pet's can save you time shopping and save money on shipping.
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