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Ground Green Lamb Tripe-2 LB.

Ground Green Lamb Tripe-2 LB.

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Ground Green Lamb Tripe-2 LB.

This lovely, stinky product is packaged in a convenient 2 LB. deli container. It is rinsed, coarse ground & fresh frozen. It is made from USA-raised lambs. You can always count on MPC for unadulterated, all-natural tripe with no preservatives, additives, or denaturing agents.

As with all of our tripe products, we use only the best parts of the stomach, that is, the ruminants' first two stomach chambers: the rumin & the reticulum.

Remember, for raw feeding purposes, tripe is considered meat.

Warning: Tripe does not exactly smell like roses! It smells like a cow barn in the middle of summer. Your dogs will love it!

We do not sell any products that contain denaturants, added colors, preservatives, artificial ingredients & no HPP. There are no grains, fruits or vegetables added to any of our products. It's part of our commitment to quality. We believe in feeding a nutrient-rich meat, bone & organ diet–a carnivore diet as Mother Nature intended!

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Nutritional Info
Product: Coarse Ground Green Lamb Tripe-2 LB.

Ingredients: Rinsed green lamb tripe.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein (min)......14%

  • Crude Fat (min)..............5%

  • Crude Fiber (max)..........0%

  • Moisture (max)...............80%

Calorie Content Calculated M E: 1270 kcal/kg & 1153 kcal/container

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only because it does not meet AAFCO requirements for a complete diet.