Raw Feeding Guide

Feeding your pet a raw diet can be daunting.  Use this guide to help you understand the right amounts, ratios, and other practices for a healthy, raw-fed pet.

1. We recommend a diet of 80-10-10.  That's 80% meat, 10% organ, 10% bone (yes, bone!).  Most of what we offer is "whole prey" which means, we let nature set that ratio.  When you find our carnivore blends, we've used this ratio to create a prey-model raw diet. 

2. In general terms, an adult dog or cat should eat 2-3% of their ideal body weight each day. 

3. Raw pet food is shipped frozen.  But, be sure to thaw products in the refrigerator fully before feeding.  Refrigerate any leftovers that will be consumed in the next few days.  You can also refreeze thawed food, so long as you did not apply heat (microwave, hot water, etc.) to thaw. 

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