The difference between "coarse" and "fine" ground

At My Pet Carnivore we offer two different grind options for most of our products. A fine grind and a coarse grind. We break down the difference between the two, reasons for feeding one over the other, and the one that’s right for your pet in this blog.

The only true difference between the two grounds is that the fine ground goes through the grinder three times and the coarse ground only makes one pass through. The fine ground has a bit more of a smoother format since it’s been basically “triple shredded”, but it does not lose any of its nutritional value by going through three times.

You will find larger pieces of bone in the coarse ground. Typically, bones are around a half inch in length, but it’s not uncommon to see a bone that’s up to an inch long. The bones in the fine ground are usually closer to a quarter of an inch, but occasionally bigger.

So, is the coarse or fine ground best for your pet?

If your pet is small, has poor dental health, or has known digestion or swallowing issues, then the fine ground is likely a better choice. We also have many pets that prefer the texture of the fine ground, especially cats & ferrets. That’s why our starter pack for cats includes all fine grinds. Whereas, the starter pack we’ve assembled for dog owners represents coarse grinds, instead.

Our coarse ground is typically best for larger carnivores. However, we do have some small ones that prefer the consistency! The added texture of the coarse ground offers more mental stimulation at meals and is preferred by many carnivores.

It is fun to experiment and see which texture your pet prefers!



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