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Why Raw?

Congratulations! You have chosen buy the finest products for your raw-fed pets. Our shared commitment with Schoenborn Family Farms means using only select, healthy animals procured from small, Midwestern farm sources. Being raw feeders ourselves, we believe that a whole-animal meat, bone & organs diet delivers the nutrients vital for your family dog, cat or ferret. It’s the most accessible, optimal nutrition–the way Mother Nature intended.

We are here to help you along your path, and that first step is answering the big question: Why should I feed my pet a raw diet? The answer to that question has filled many books on the subject. So, we will just try to hit the main points and steer you along the path for further investigation. We will look at the basics of biology to start.

Teeth. Look at your pet’s teeth. Do you see any flat molars? No, you only see incisors. This shape of teeth are designed specifically to tear meat and break bones, and they only move up and down in a cutting motion.  They are not designed as a typical herbivore’s with their vegetation-mashing molars that move side-to-side or omnivores, like humans, that have a mix of incisors and molars.

Digestive Tract. While a little harder to see, the digestive tract of carnivores are shorter and have a high hydrochloric acid content to break down the meat, bones and organs in their diet. They have little (or, in the case of cats, absolutely no) amylase. This is the digestive enzyme that breaks down the complex carbohydrates that make up the main building blocks of plant cell walls and a primary ingredient in the average kibble diet.

Genetics. Dogs are the descendants of domesticated wolves–and are roughly 99% identical genetically–while our house cats descended from the wildcats of the Middle East and have a similar genetic match. Feeding your pets the food it was designed for will make all the difference in the world to their overall health.

The tearing and ripping of bones, meat, tendons, ligaments, etc. results in a flossing and cleaning action that keeps teeth shiny and clean as well as help them maintain stronger and healthier gums. Many raw feeders have remarked how they no longer have to take their pets in for teeth cleaning (which often includes the dangerous process of full sedation). Cleaner teeth and healthier gums all help your pet maintain better breath—a real  plus in itself!

The stools of a kibble-fed dog are not hard to identify. They are big, smell terrible and stick around a LONG time. In contrast, the stools of a raw-fed animal are smaller due to the fact that a much greater percentage of their diet has been utilized and not just flushed out as waste. Raw-fed animal stools also break down quicker, often crumbling away in a few days, and are much less noticeable to the human nose.

One of the most common side effects to switching to a raw diet is an improved coat. A healthier animal produces softer, shinier fur. It is common to see a pet go through a transition where they “dump” their old, dull fur and replace it with a beautiful new one!

Pet obesity is reaching epidemic proportions, and at the root of this is their continual diet of sugar. All kibble contain binding agents—grain free or not—that all equate to one thing: carbohydrates.  Like humans, these carbs are converted to sugar, but our pets are carnivores were never equipped to handle this high concentration of sugar in their diet.

As mentioned above, your pets turn the carbohydrates they can digest in their kibble to sugar. It is this sugar that continually feeds the yeast and bacterial colonies that cause a myriad of health problems. Without the sugar, and you starve these bacteria.

We encourage you to continue on this fun and exciting journey of education as you learn all of the wonderful benefits of feeding your pet their natural diet and not only seeing the results first-hand but also in the love and affection of your pet enjoying their optimal health. For more information, we encourage you to visit the many articles on our blog or check out a book or two on rawfeeding.

We strive daily to honor your support by bringing you high-quality, all-natural products and providing exemplary customer service. Thank you for feeding your beloved pets the very best. Thank you for your trust in our small company, and thank you for Feeding the Wolf & Tiger in Your Pets!

Feeding Suggestons

  • Meat
  • Organs
  • Bone

We recommend a diet consisting of 80% meat, 10% organs, and 10% bone which approximates a whole prey diet. Our “Ground Whole” products are consistent with this model.


In general, an adult dog or cat should eat 2-3% of their ideal body weight per day.


Thawing products to room temperature prior to serving is ideal. Refrigerate any leftovers.

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