Dehydrated Duck Feet

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20 Dehydrated Duck Feet


Whole Dehydrated Duck Feet-20 count

Yum! Twenty Dehydrated Duck Feet. These chews are completely unadulterated and natural. They are here for your pets' crunchy, tasty pleasure! 20, yes, 20 of these treats come packaged in a recloseable plastic bag. Dogs love these easy to consume snacks!
Just as with all of our dehydrated treats, we make these in house in small batches. Nothing is added.
Store in cool, dry place or freeze for prolonged storage. This snack, just as all of our quality products, contains no additives and no preservatives. It's made from in the U.S. from Midwestern raised ducks.
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MPC My Pet Carnivore dehydrated duck feet label treat

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