Rabbit Chunks-5 LB.

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Raw, Frozen, Skinned, Rabbit chunks



Rabbit Chunks-5 LB.

This is a 5 LB. resealable bag of rabbit chunks. Each bag contains various good-sized rabbit pieces of meat, bone & some organs - no head. These Midwestern-raised rabbits were hand selected and artisanally butchered by Schoenborn Family Farms exclusively for our customers. They are fresh frozen with all-natural goodness!  
Rabbit is very lean! It is favored for its hypoallergenic qualities. It is often fed to pets that have sensitivities to other proteins. It is a great 'raw, meaty bone' meal!
(Order 5 for a full case.)
We do not sell any products that contain denaturants. It's part of our commitment to quality.

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Rabbit Chunks are the perfect product for those carnivore parents who prefer to feed a more natural way. Thaw out some chunks and toss it in the yard for your dog to gobble up. Eating chunk product vs. ground product not only gives your pet a more stimulating and rewarding meal time but it is also an excellent way to get some free teeth cleaning too!

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