MPC turkey products and parts come from Michigan, in addition to Indiana farms. They are lovingly selected, packaged, and fresh frozen exclusively for MPC by Schoenborn Family Farms. Our turkey products are of the highest quality, another fact we are happy to brag about. We are proud of where we source our turkeys because our quality is as good as the bird on your Thanksgiving table!

Our commitment to quality: We use only healthy animals for our products, no 3D or 4D meats. No foreign sources. We do not sell any products that contain denaturants. We do not add colors, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. There are also no grains, fruits or vegetables added to any of our products. We believe in feeding a nutrient-rich meat, bone & organ diet, a carnivore diet as Mother Nature intended!

raw frozen turkey livers pet food

Turkey Livers-3 LB.

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Raw & Frozen Whole Turkey Livers

raw frozen bulk turkey necks pet food MPC

Box of Turkey Necks-30 LB.

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A Bulk Box of Whole Turkey Necks

Whole Turkey Necks-3 pack pet food

Whole Turkey Necks-3 pack

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Raw, Frozen Whole Turkey Necks

turkey hearts whole pet food MPC raw frozen

Turkey Hearts-3 LB.

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Raw, Frozen Whole Turkey Hearts

Turkey delight liver meat bones pet food MPC

Coarse Ground Turkey Delight-2 LB.

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Raw, Frozen Coarse Ground Turkey Delight

fine turkey delight

Fine Ground Turkey Delight-1 LB.

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Raw, Frozen Fine Ground Turkey Delight with Meat, Bones & Organs

raw frozen fine ground turkey necks-1 LB.

Fine Ground Turkey Necks-1 LB.

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Raw, Frozen Ground Turkey Necks