MPC bison products come from Midwestern-raised bison. These animals are referred to as buffalo in America. These products are at nature’s finest because they are grass-fed, lean, and all-natural! They are steroid-free. Hormone-free. Antibiotic-free. And most of all, denaturant-free. All of our products are never irradiated. Consequently our products are as natural as possible. These buffalo live natural lives in their pasture and as a result they have little daily human interaction. Rather than being penned. Some ranchers will grain-finish their animals. Due to this, we seek out those animals that are allowed to graze naturally on their land. Year around access is key. There are several ranches and preserves in IN and MI. However, sourcing is still a challenge but due to this we continue to strive to build relationships with the best ranchers around.

Most of our bison come from trophy hunters. These hunters are only looking for a head to mount. These hunters are allowed very limited hunting time in the animals’ pasture. Therefore more meat for your carnivore(s)! The taste is very similar to beef for your carnivore and they will love this lean meat.

bison trachea tripe gullet Limited Supply

Ground Bison Tripe, Lung, Trachea & Gullet-2 LB.

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Ground Bison Tripe, Lung, Trachea & Gullet

bison meat Limited Supply

Ground Bison Meat-2 LB.

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Raw, Frozen Ground Bison Meat