My Pet Carnivore Beaver products come from local (IN & MI) and northern animal trappers. Hunted meat cannot be sold to the public but trapped “nuisance” animals can be. Due to this we consider ourselves lucky to be able to provide such a rare and iron-rich meat. We feel lucky to work with trappers who are not only protecting the natural landscape from these small creatures but also using humane practices in doing so.

It is said that carnivores prefer this animal over others. Rave reviews from many pleased furry customers prove this to be true! Beaver products are seasonal. Most of our supply will be available during the winter and spring months. Some years, the beaver offerings are lean because wolves get to them first.

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Ground Whole Beaver-2 LB.

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Raw, Frozen Ground Whole Prey Beaver

beaver tail whole treat snack MPC food Seasonal

Beaver Tail

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Raw, Frozen Whole Beaver Tail