Fine Ground Whole Pork-1 LB.

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Raw, Frozen Whole Prey Pork


Fine Ground Whole Pork-1 LB.

Fine Ground Whole Pork-1 LB. contains all of the meat, organs & bones with the exception of the pig head. (It's too hard to grind.) This selection is triple ground and packaged in a convenient 1 LB. deli container. It is fine ground from Michigan-raised pigs and fresh frozen for your pets' optimal health!
These Michigan pigs have been living the good life. Each is hand selected and artisanally butchered by Schoenborn Family Farms. It's available exclusively through My Pet Carnivore!
Although there is a smooth texture to this product, pork bones are harder than, say, poultry bones. There may be larger bone fragments than in some of our other fine ground selections.
  • The average prey animal has about 10% to 15% bone, about 10% organs, and the rest muscle and fat and connective tissue.  That is Mother Nature's model and therefore our model ratio for all of our Whole Ground products.
(Order 24 for a full case.)
We do not sell any products that contain denaturants nor that are enhanced. It's part of our commitment to quality.

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Keep in mind that our Ground Pork is much different than what’s available from your grocer. Ours doesn’t have any added salt (saline). And, as with all of our whole ground products, since the organs and bones are part of the mix, the flavor is going to be more pungent.

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