Fine Ground Whole Rabbit-1 LB.

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Raw, Frozen Ground Rabbit


Fine Ground Whole Rabbit-1 LB.

Fine Ground Whole Rabbit-1 LB. Which means that it is packaged in a convenient 1 LB. deli container. This triple-ground whole Midwestern raised rabbit includes the meat, bones & organs. And, more specifically, it includes the head, heart, liver, kidneys & lungs. Each rabbit has been eviscerated and skinned (though a small amount of hair will be found). Every rabbit is lovingly selected, artisanally butchered & fresh frozen by Schoenborn Family Farms exclusively for our customers! It's Mother Nature's pet-food!
(Order 24 for a full case.)
  • The average prey animal has about 10% to 15% bone, about 10% organs, and the rest muscle and fat and connective tissue.  That is Mother Nature's model and therefore our model ratio for all of our Whole Ground products.
We do not sell any products that contain denaturants. It's part of our commitment to quality.

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