Ground Chicken Supermix-2 LB.

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Ground Chicken Supermix: Whole Prey Chicken with Additional Organs added



Ground Chicken Supermix-2 LB.

Ground Chicken Supermix-2 LB. is one of our most popular products! This coarse grind is made from Michigan raised chickens. Each was hand selected, artisanally butchered, packaged in a convenient 2 LB. deli container and fresh frozen by Schoenborn Family Farms. All with your pet's optimal nutrition in mind!
This selection has extra organs added in! It contains 2/3 Coarse Ground Whole Prey Chicken and 1/3 additional chicken hearts,  chicken livers and chicken gizzards. Super tasty!
Are your raw-fed pets eating enough organs?? Please remember that products which contain organs are more pungent than typical meat only products.
(Order 12 for a full case.)
We do not sell any products that contain denaturants. It's part of our commitment to quality.

Nutritional Info

raw frozen chicken nutritious pet food

Suggested Uses

Cat, dog & ferret customers all enjoy this product.

We feed this product as a meal in itself. If Archie & Ben have been eating a lot of chunk meals like Turkey Necks, Goat Chunks or Lamb Brisket recently then we’ll add Chicken Supermix into the rotation. That way, we’re upping their organ intake.

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