Ground Whole Young Beef-2 LB.

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Raw, Frozen Ground Whole Prey Young Beef



Ground Whole Young Beef-2 LB.

Ground Whole Young Beef-2 LB. You'll receive a 2 LB. deli container of Ground Whole Young Beef. This product is made from the whole calf with meat, organs and bones together. Coarse ground and fresh frozen. These Michigan cows have been milk fed and are 1 to 7 days old, healthy males from dairy cattle stock. Steroid free. Hormone free. The very young meat source makes for softer, more digestible bones. It's an extremely lean selection (about 1% fat!).
(Order 12 for a full case.)
  • The average prey animal has about 10% to 15% bone, about 10% organs, and the rest muscle and fat and connective tissue. Mother Nature created the model and that's the model we stand by for all of our Whole Ground products.
We do not sell any products that contain denaturants. It's part of our commitment to quality.

Nutritional Info

Suggested Uses

Feed your adult dog 2-3% of their ideal weight per day. This product is a great whole-prey offering that balances out fattier meals such as lamb or mutton. As such, your dog may not be as “excited” about this one as they are of others as fat is generally where the “flavor” comes from. This product is not necessarily recommended for puppies since the fat is so very low, but if you do feed this to your growing dog, mixing in the fattier proteins will help keep their needed fat and caloric intake requirements in balance. If your dog is struggling with being a tad overweight, adding this lean protein can help shed those pounds.

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