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Product Notice

Important Product Notice From My Pet Carnivoreproduct alert


If you have any My Pet Carnivore brand food, particularly Ground Whole Young Beef-2 LB, 5 LB. Ground Whole Young BeefCoarse Ground Whole Chicken-2 LB. or Coarse Ground Whole Pork-2 LB. from the following lot numbers and find that they have an unpleasant odor, please contact us for a full refund or replacement. Not all products from all of these lots were affected by the odor.

34017, 34117, 344217, 344317, 34417, 34517, 34617, 34717, 34817, 34917, 35017, 35117, 35217, 35317, 35417, 35517, 35617, 35717, 35817, 35917, 36017, 36117, 36217, 36317, 36417, 36517, 00118, 00218, 00318, 00418, 00518, 00618, 00718, 00818, 00918, 01018, 01118, 01218, 01318, 01418, 01518, 01618, 01718.

  • Lab Update: 3/16/18. There are 2 labs currently analyzing samples: Michigan State University and Alliance Analytical in Michigan. Both labs now plan to have results at the end of next week, approximately 3/23/18. Alliance Analytical previously stated that their results would be ready 3/16/18 but they have postponed that date. We will keep this post updated.
  • Lab Update: 3/24/18. Neither lab has completed their results. We haven’t heard any feedback other than that another week is needed. This is frustrating, indeed. We have been told to expect results by 3/30/18.

Lab Update: 3/26/18

MSU Product Analysis–Click to Enlarge

Here is the result from the Michigan State University analysis. The product was Ground Young Beef, lot#36017. The product was chosen for it’s odor by a customer. The MSU lab was chosen by the customer who submitted the sample. The customer related these results to us.

The report shows that the product tested “negative for toxic organic compounds. No drug, pesticide or industrial compound residues observed.”

Final Lab Results: 3/31/18

The independent laboratory, Alliance Analytical has responded to Schoenborn Family Farms with the results from samples submitted on March 7, 2018. The lab wanted 2 samples to compare. Click on the images to see the results from a regular, unaffected Coarse Ground Chicken, lot#05918 and a container of Coarse Ground Chicken, lot#01718 which had a questionable odor. The evaluation states that “There is no significant difference between the Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer chromatograms of the two meat samples. This implies that the Meat considered to have a smell is equivalent to the Control (Good) sample of Meat.”

product alert

Coarse Ground Chicken from Control Sample. Report.


product alert

Coarse Ground Chicken from Control Sample. Figure 1.

product alert

Coarse Ground Chicken from Odor Sample. Report.

product alert

Coarse Ground Chicken from Odor Sample. Figure 1.







We are pleased that the independent analyses of these products confirm their safety. We feel confident that all of the lots named are safe and chemically untainted by the air at the facility where the Schoenborn staff was working, packaging our food.

For the comfort of you, our fellow raw-feeders, several weeks ago we removed from our inventory 6 pallets of various products with the lot numbers mentioned. These products will not go back into our inventory. They are not for sale.

The Full Story

To All of Our Valued Customers,

We need to bring to your attention an important issue. In December, Schoenborn Family Farms was experiencing an exhaust leak from a water heater in their new facility. This odor affected the air in the room where the products were being packaged. The problem was intermittent. It only occurred when both the water heater and the furnace were operating at the same time so it was a challenge to discover the source of the exhaust smell.  The problem began on or after December 5th and was repaired on January 17th. The farm staff worked full shifts in the facility while the occurrences took place. The staff reported no ill effects aside from experiencing the annoying odor. Everyone, however, was completely unaware that the My Pet Carnivore food that they were grinding and packaging had picked up some of that “exhaust-like” odor.

In late January, after the problem had already been remedied, we received our first–and very few complaints about the odor of the some of the products. That is when the previous exhaust issue was explained to us. Needless to say, our producer was extremely surprised to hear that there was a ‘smell’ to the food. We immediately pulled from our inventory all of the products from the effected dates that were reported to have an odor. To be thorough, the Schoenborns also contacted the lab that they work with for nutritional analysis. The lab assured us—repeatedly—that there would absolutely not be anything of a level that would be detectable in the products in question. And, that this was not a health threat but simply an odor issue. Being in the raw pet food industry, we have a great deal of experience with the variances in food fragrance (from various breeds of animals, to their environment, to organs not being evenly mixed, etc.). We were advised that this should be handled in the same manner. We explained the situation to all customers who inquired. And we gave refunds and replacements as requested.

To further investigate, we began feeding Coarse Ground Whole Chicken and Coarse Ground Whole Pork from the lots in question to Archie & Ben, our 12 year old Bernese Mountain Dogs. We would have had them try the Ground Young Beef as well but they have never enjoyed that product–too lean for their tastes. Archie & Ben have experienced no ill effects from these meals.

As stated, the exhaust smell in the air of the facility was an infrequent occurrence—not happening on every day and not for very long. Simply, it did not happen on every consecutive product lot number. And not every product on the specific days were affected. By mid-late February, only a handful of customers reported problems, so we thought that the problem was a minor one.

In the last week and a half, we have received more calls—32 at present count—so we were prompted to send some of the containers in question to the lab and are expecting results this week. If the results show any harmful substances, we will of course order an official recall. In the meantime, please check your containers for the following lot numbers.

Potential lot numbers where this issue could have occurred are 34017, 34117, 344217, 344317, 34417, 34517, 34617, 34717, 34817, 34917, 35017, 35117, 35217, 35317, 35417, 35517, 35617, 35717, 35817, 35917, 36017, 36117, 36217, 36317, 36417, 36517, 00118, 00218, 00318, 00418, 00518, 00618, 00718, 00818, 00918, 01018, 01118, 01218, 01318, 01418, 01518, 01618, 01718.

Understanding MPC’s Lot Numbers

The first 3 numbers are the day of the year and the last 2 numbers are for the year. For example, December 19, 2017 gives you a lot number of 35317.

Which Products?

The proteins that we make the most of, the young beef, chicken and pork, are most likely the proteins with that “exhaust” smell. If you have received any of this product that you fell is affected by the odor, please contact us immediately for a full refund or replacement.

In addition, we are working to directly email each customer who ordered during the time before the products in question were pulled.

Our Deepest Apology

We understand fully how upsetting this is. We are personally heartbroken over the issue. We put everything we have into this company each and every day. This industry is one of surprising difficulty and ever-surprising challenges. However, we truly believe in our mission to provide the very best for your pets and in the power of raw food. We know we may be blamed for not alerting our customers quicker, but as stated, we were given assurances that it was a minor issue. Since we have always had such close, open and honest communications with our customers, we felt we were responding appropriately by thoroughly explaining the issue to everyone with which we spoke. Should this explanation is read as being evasive or worse, we regret that deeply. It is often difficult to know the best way to handle each new challenge that arises, but we do work hard at being a source you can trust. We are saddened by, and sincerely apologize to, those who may have lost trust in us.

Most importantly, we want you to know that we have absolute and complete confidence in our producer, Schoenborn Family Farms. We have become acquainted with a great-many pet manufacturers over the years, and we believe that the Schoenborns’ are by far the most honest, hard-working and conscientious people we have ever met, much less have the privilege to work with.  They are completely supportive of getting this information out. And they are equally as pained by these turn of events.

Contact Us

You may call the office at 317-694-4749 or email us at We sincerely appreciate all that our customers do for and meant to us, and we know that this will come as quite a disappointment to many of you. If any of you need to speak to me personally, I am happy to receive your calls. My cell number is 317-339-3662.

Most Sincerely,

Suzanne & Paul Dijak-Robinson

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