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Have a look through our most Frequently Asked Questions!

It's All About the Pet Food

I’m just starting out! There’s so much information. How do I begin?

How long is it safe to leave your product thawed before serving?

wisconsin FAQUnlike humans, dogs and cats have digestive tracts that are equipped to handle raw meat. Although you should obviously use safe handling procedures with all raw meat, our food can be in the refrigerator for several days without any problem. As long as you feel comfortable feeding the food, it should be fine. –Keep in mind, it is fine to thaw and refreeze our food.

What is the difference between “coarse ground” and “fine ground”?

The two grinds are simply different textures. In general, the coarse is a chunkier grind, close to what one might see in sausage, for instance, while the fine is a little bit finer than regular hamburger. The difference in texture is not dramatic. However, many cats and small dogs may prefer the finer grinds.

What do you recommend that I feed my specific breed of dog or cat?

There is no such thing as a “Starter Protein”, regardless of breed. We recommend that you feed a wide variety of foods to give them the greatest range of nutrients and to discourage picky eating. We do, however, recommend feeding one protein for 2-3 meals at first before starting another one to help in the transition.

FAQ chicagoland cat box

What’s the best thing to feed?

We recommend a diet consisting of 80% meat, 10% bone & 10% organs which approximates a whole prey diet as we believe nature intended. Any My Pet Carnivore product that has “Whole Ground…” or “Whole Prey…” in the description is the complete animal (minus intestines, fur or feathers). If you are looking for an easy meal, that’s the way to go! We also have many other ground and chunk items that are suitable as a meal by itself. We believe that a wide variety of meals is as important for your pet’s optimal health as it is for us humans.

Feeding Suggestions

What portion of raw-food should I add to my pet’s kibble?

While this question comes to us frequently, we have no good answer. We are 100% raw-feeders ourselves and have no experience in marrying raw and kibble diets. We do recognize that there are a great many feeding “styles” and that some of our customers feed both raw and kibble. Our only advice is to avoid feeding both at the same meal since pets digest these two types of food at different rates.

Your label states that your products are not complete, why?

Our producer holds 1 federal and 2 state licenses for pet food manufacturing and must comply with AAFCO labeling standards to maintain them. While we will forgo the heated debate about the motivations of AAFCO here, the real issue is their requirement of additives so that every meal is complete without recognizing the wholistic approach of variety. Humans rarely have a “Nutritionally Complete” meal (most of us never have), but we know the basics of good nutrition and know to vary our diets enough to include all of the things we need. We believe that this is no less true with our pet’s diet.

Do I need to add any supplements?

Our first priority is to procure the most naturally-raised livestock for our food. None of our food is from large factory farms. By supporting small farms, we know that we are getting the healthiest animals which provide the highest nutrition for your furry family members. We rest easy knowing that the animals that go into our products are superior to those that become grocery store meats for humans!

It has been our experience that by feeding a whole prey diet and a variety of proteins over time, your dog, cat or ferret will get all of the nutrients that a healthy pet needs.

Do you have a laboratory analysis of your products?

Most products have nutritional breakdowns on the product page, listing the fat, protein and moisture content.

Regarding My Order

Where do you deliver? Will you consider delivering to my town?

We currently deliver to a wide variety of locations. You can see all of our Delivery Routes here: Monthly Delivery Locations & Schedules Many states are part of more than one of our routes. Be sure to check all of the routes that have your state’s icon associated with it. If you have another location where you would like to see us deliver, just email us with your suggestion. We can’t guarantee that we will be able to include your choice on the route, but your input matters a great deal to us!

When will you get a specific product back in stock?

Thankfully, we work with a lot of small farmers to bring your pets the highest quality pet-food.

FAQ alpacaUnfortunately, that does mean we occasionally experience shortages. We work on a daily basis to fill those shortages. We update our website every Thursday afternoon with that week’s delivery. Also, sometimes we get an additional delivery on Mondays. The website is usually updated with new products by noon or 1 PM.

Feel free to sign up for an alert on each out-of-stock product page. Thanks for your understanding!

I need to change my drop-off location! How can I do that?

Email us at, and we can make that change for you if it’s before the route’s deadline. If it’s a last minute change, please call 317.694.4749.

Do you have a minimum order?

There are no minimums for orders shipped via FedEx, picked up at our Headquarters or picked up along an MPC route.

Minimum amounts only apply to orders for Home Delivery via the MPC truck. See all the details on each Home Delivery page.

I want to have my order delivered via the MPC delivery truck. How to I know where and when to pick up my food?

FAQGo to your desired route page. Each page has a listing of when and where each drop-off occurs. At check-out, simply select the desired location from the list of nearby locations based on your provided address. We’ll have your order ready at that stop!

What do I do if there’s something wrong with my order?

Please contact us as soon as possible! You have three days after you’ve received your order to report any issues. We need to know what’s wrong in order to make it right!

How do I add to an order I’ve already placed?

It’s easy! Simply place an additional order. During check-out, instead of choosing your usual delivery location/method, you’ll choose “Add to my existing order”. This will let you place the add-on order without getting charged another delivery fee. Please limit add-ons to two orders per delivery cycle. (If this option doesn’t appear, your order isn’t eligible because your existing order has already been processed or does not exist.)add to my order

This option is only available for route or home delivery. To add to a FedEx order, either place a second one or contact us to cancel the first to allow you to put everything on one order.

How do I change my order?

To remove an item, please contact us to cancel the entire order. You are then free to place another order without the undesired product.

I’m trying to check out. I want my order to ship via FedEx but I don’t see any FedEx shipping options.

The FedEx shipping options should show in the Delivery Options area of check out. There should be at least three options: Ground, 3-day, and 2-day. If you don’t see those options:

  • Make sure you are logged in. The FedEx options will not display if there’s no address associated with the account.
  • If you’re logged in and don’t see FedEx options, double-check your address. Occasionally, the FedEx options will not display if FedEx thinks there is a conflict between your city and zip code.
  • Otherwise a complication may be resulting from your devise autofilling your information. This mostly occurs if you use Chrome. Try manually typing your address into the form. 
  • If you’re still having issues, please contact us and we’ll see if we can figure out where the issue lies.


MPC Miscellany

How do I get a coupon? Discount? Gift code? Free sample?

We look forward to taking care of all of your raw-feeding needs!! Rather than using a coupon-driven business model. Our goal is to keep our prices as low as possible. We offer multi-case discounts on many of our products. These discounts are listed on each particular product page and are calculated automatically.

We occasionally offer discount codes, and when we do, we post them in our monthly newsletter.

We do offer bulk discounts. Check out all the exciting details on our Bulk Purchases & Discounts page.

I have a bunch of your old containers! Can you reuse them?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the facilities to properly clean and sterilize the containers for reuse. They are recyclable, so you can include them with your recycling, or keep the empty containers to reuse to split future orders into individual servings.

I have a charity to suggest!

Wonderful! We select our Monthly Featured Charity based on suggestions. We are very committed to supporting a variety of pet charities! All charities must be registered nonprofits and have a valid website. If you have a suggestion that meets those requirements, please email all the details to us at, and we’ll add it to the list!FAQ MPC My Pet Carnivore Redd cat fork truck delivery

I have a big pet family. Or, my co-op wants to purchase from you.

Terrific! We look forward to helping you! Check out how our Bulk Purchases discounts can help you!

FAQ feed tripe freezer

What about special orders?

We may be able to help you with a product that is taylor-made to your specifications. Any special order must be a minimum of 250 LB. ordered in a single product.

Welcome to MPC!

Do you have a storefront/retail location that I can browse?

We are an online company–this allows us to have a streamlined business that keeps prices low. All of our products are in large walk-in freezers–not conducive to browsing. Rather than a storefront, we are transparent thru detailed descriptions, photos & prices for our products online.
Our headquarters/warehouse is in downtown Indianapolis. In general, we have a manager on staff Monday thru Friday 9 AM-6 PM and Saturdays Noon-3 PM. However, we’re running around a lot during those times. We ask that all orders are placed online–our inventory & credit card processing are tied to that system. By signing up for a pick-up time, we can have your order ready for your convenience.
We are very proud of our facility, so if the situation allows, we’ll be happy to show you around. We look forward to serving you!

Where are you located?

Our headquarters/warehouse is in downtown Indianapolis in the Fountain Square neighborhood. Our address is 1402 Shelby St, Indianapolis, IN 46203.
In general, we have a manager on staff Monday thru Friday 9 AM-6 PM and Saturdays Noon-3 PM. However, we’re running around a lot during those times. We ask that all orders are placed online–our inventory & credit card processing are tied to that system. By signing up for a pick-up time, we can have your order ready for your convenience.
We are very proud of our facility, so if the situation allows, we’ll be happy to show you around. We look forward to serving you!

What are your hours?

We are an online company. Good news, our website is open for business 24/7. Our phone and emails are usually answered during the following hours:

Monday – Friday 9 AM – 6 PM (EST)

Saturdays Noon – 3 PM (EST)

Our hours for local order pick-ups are posted on our calendar. If you would like to pick up your order at our headquarters, please place your order online, during check-out an embedded calendar will give you the opportunity to designate a pick up time. We like to have your order ready for you!

We are located in Indianapolis’ historic Fountain Square. Our address is 1402 Shelby St, Indianapolis, IN 46203


Maybe none of these questions ‘hit the spot’. Check out our Forgivably Asked Questions. Or feel free to contact us!

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