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Monthly Featured Pet Charities

Giving back to charities is an integral part of our commitment to pets. We thank you for your continued support so we may continue to help charities where there is great need.

Every month, we choose a pet-related charity to be the recipient of a donation. If you have 501c3 charity suggestions for our consideration, please email the details to us. Include the website of the charities. Thank you!

April Featured Charity: Hoosier Bulldog Rescue: $____
The Hoosier Bulldog Rescue is answering the call of bulldogs! You cried out and they heard – they are here to be an avenue of resources, education, and rescue for bulldogs and bulldog families in Indiana.

Their founders and board of directors are experienced rescuers who have the passion, knowledge and networking to help bulldogs in need. They have each been involved in rescue for years – serving on board of directors, volunteering, and fostering for several other rescue organizations. Recently they have come together to share their dreams and goals. They have been working closely with The Illinois English Bulldog Rescue, who had stepped up and rescued nearly a dozen bulldogs in need from Indiana. HBR appreciates their guidance and mentoring during the process of forming HBR. HBR will continue to work with them and fellow rescues throughout the country.

HBR has recently received their 501c3 status and they are beginning their fundraising activities. They know that they need to have a strong base of volunteers and foster homes in place in order to be successful. HBR will always strive to appropriately and properly place dogs in the best possible environment for both the dog and the family. Their top priority is the successful match of their rescued bulldogs to ensure their health and happiness.

March Featured Charity: Greater Chicago Ferret Association: $664.50

The Greater Chicago Ferret Association (GCFA) is an educational, rescue and adoption organization.

They have been supporting ferret owners as the only not-for-profit, no-kill shelter and club in Chicagoland for the past 30 years. Their goals are to spread the word about keeping ferrets as pets, and to care for neglected, abused and abandoned ferrets.

angels rest animal sanctuary

February Featured Charity: Angel’s Rest Animal Sanctuary: $536.22

Located in Amelia, Ohio. To end animal suffering and needless euthanasia. This is accomplished by providing a “retirement home” for animals that are unwanted by other agencies and have no place to go. These animals are in imminent danger of being euthanized or killed because they are critically ill, old, disabled, have suffered emotional trauma or have special needs.

January Featured Charity: Tri-state Poodle Club, Inc: $497.00

Tri-state Poodle Club, Inc. is a non-profit group of poodle lovers founded in 2013 desiring to promote and protect poodles in the Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, tri-state area through four areas: community, education, performance, and rescue/re-homing.

December Featured Charity: All Breed Rescue Angels: $558.73

ABRA, Inc. is a foster-based rescue group dedicated to saving shelter pets.
Their mission is twofold: to save as many dogs and cats from living their final days in shelters and pounds as they can, and to educate the public so that one day our rescue won’t be necessary.

November Featured Charity: English Springer Rescue America, Inc: $419.60

ESRA is a national referral & foster care purebred placement organization–a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. ESRA’s mission is to provide foster care to English Springers impounded by humane societies, private shelters & animal control facilities nationwide, as well as to offer adoption referral services. There is no paid staff. All of their members are volunteers.

October Featured Charity: Central Indiana Lab Rescue & Adoption: $392.56

Central Indiana Lab Rescue & Adoption, incorporated in 1996, is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to placing purebred Labrador Retrievers into new homes. CILRA currently serves Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, & the surrounding Midwestern region.

2017 SEPTEMBER: Dogs Out Loud: $266.40

2017 AUGUST: One Tail at a Time Dog Rescue: $585.58

2017 JULY: Animal Rescue New Orleans: $335.21

2017 JUNE: Downtown Indy Dog Park Coalition: $531.56

2017 MAY: Lapeer’s Adoptable Animals: $479.87

2017 APRIL: Adopt-A-Dog: $349.07

2017 MARCH: P.A.W. Animal Shelter: $269.80

2017 FEBRUARY: Hyde Park Cats: $95.40

2017 JANUARY: Divine Canine Rescue: $146.00

2016 DECEMBER: Ruff Tales Rescue: $153.75

2016 NOVEMBER: The O.T.I.S. Foundation, Inc.: $74.25

2016 OCTOBER: Kitten Associates: $55.80

2016 SEPTEMBER: Heaven After Hell Rescue: $89.00

2016 AUGUST: Hearts, Hands & Paws: $206.75

2016 JULY: American Belgian Malinois Rescue, Inc.: $143.40

2016 JUNE: Tailwaggers 911: $81.90

2016 MAY: Bullmastiff Rescuers, Inc.: $78.50

2016 APRIL: Our Lil’ Bit of Heaven Animal Sanctuary: $398.10

2016 MARCH: Ferret Underground-A Wisconsin Ferret Rescue, Inc.: $377.80

2016 FEBRUARY: Giant Paw Prints Rescue: $68.40

2016 JANUARY: White Shepherd Genetics Project: $42.75

2015 DECEMBER: St. Roch Foundation for Dogs: $72.20

2015 NOVEMBER: $55.90

2015 OCTOBER: Beagle Freedom Project: $168.75

2015 SEPTEMBER: Alley Cat Allies: $122.85

2015 JULY & AUGUST: Cats Haven: $80 + $200 (thank you for letting us adopt Redd)=$280.00

2015 JUNE: Lola’s Lucky Day: $365.00!!

2015 MAY: Willing Partners Canine Education, Inc.: $131.75

2015 MARCH & APRIL: Exotic Animal Rescue & Pet Sanctuary (EARPS, Inc.): $48.75

2015 FEBRUARY: Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue: $84.60

2014 DECEMBER & 2015 JANUARY: Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary: $605.88

2014 NOVEMBER: German Shephard Rescue Indy: $158.25

2014 SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER: American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation: $60

2014 AUGUST: The Puppy Rescue Mission: $288

2014 JULY: $284.40

2014 JUNE: The Buster Foundation: $223.20

2014 APRIL & MAY: Giant Paw Prints Rescue: $118.80

2014 MARCH: Independent Search & Rescue Canine Handlers, Inc.: $87.30

2014 FEBRUARY: Cats Haven: $187

2014 JANUARY: Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue: $212.10

2013 DECEMBER: MidWest Dachshund Rescue: $65.00

2013 NOVEMBER: Ohio Great Dane Rescue: $86.00

2013 OCTOBER: BARC Inc.: $224.40

2013 SEPTEMBER: Great Lakes Westie Rescue : $200.25

2013 JULY & AUGUST: Saving Sunny, Inc.: $84.00

2013 JUNE: AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport: $135.80

2013 MAY: Southside Animal Shelter: $93.20

2013 MARCH & APRIL: WI Adopt A Golden Retriever, Inc.: $59.85

2013 FEBRUARY: The Greyhound Alliance: $119.70

2012/2013 DECEMBER & JANUARY: Indy Feral: $108.45

2012 NOVEMBER: Stray Rescue: $182.70

2012 NOVEMBER: All About Animals: $460.35

2012 NOVEMBER: The Puppy Mill Project: $320.85

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