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Bulk Purchases

Discounts! Discounts!! Discounts!!!

Here at My Pet Carnivore, we strive each & every day to provide the very best quality of products. We know many of our customers are on a tight budget, and we scrutinize our operations daily to improve our efficiency. That helps us keep our prices low. We have also created several cost-cutting methods for you to maximize your raw-food dollar. Here are the ways to obtain discounts:

Multi-Case Discounts

Many products have discounts for multiple-case purchases, and we are working on greatly expanding that program in the future. These discounts range between 5% and 10%. Look for the additional savings on the individual product page.

Gold Level

Are you blessed with a large pet family? Customers who maintain a monthly purchasing average of at least $350 (excluding delivery fees & taxes) for 3 months qualify for Gold Level. Gold Level is a flat 10% discount on all products listed. We review Gold Level status every quarter.

Platinum Order

Geared towards buying clubs, co-ops or individuals with a plethora of freezer space, this is a blanket discount of 15% on each purchase that totals at least $1,500. It is calculated only on case-unit purchases (for those items that come in case quantities). This discount, however, will be in the form of a refund after the purchase has been placed. If other discounts are already in effect (Multi-Case, Gold Level), the total discount will not exceed 15%. It is helpful to alert us of a Platinum Order in advance. Feel free to use the contact form below to do so. (Due to the extra labor involved, we cannot apply this discount to orders that will be delivered via regular FedEx.)

Bulk Tripe Purchases

We believe we have the best tripe products on the market! We consider a Bulk Tripe Purchase to be a minimum of 1,000 pounds of product. (Multi-Case Discounts for smaller orders are also available. See above.) Bulk Tripe Purchase discounts begin at 15% off the regular retail price. You can order any combination of these products:

  • Ground Green Beef Tripe- 2 LB.
  • 5 LB. Ground Green Beef Tripe
  • Green Beef Stripe Strips/Chunks-5 LB.

These products must be ordered in case units only to qualify. If you are able to pick up your order at an existing delivery location & time, we will also include free delivery. Of course, free pick-up is always available at our Indianapolis headquarters. We can talk about slightly larger discounts for bigger orders, much of which will depend on volume, delivery methods (i.e., direct delivery) & variety of products. Shipping orders of this size can be cost-prohibitive, but we may be able to make a special trip to deliver it via our MPC trucks. Again, this is on an individual basis and be determined by your location & amount ordered.

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