What's the Beef? Whole Young Beef (Whole Prey) vs. Beef Supreme (Prey Model)

We recently introduced a prey-model raw product, Ground Beef Supreme, that has a lot of customers asking what’s the difference and where does the Prey-Model Ground Beef Supreme fit into a raw diet, especially when a Whole Prey Young Beef had been our staple for years. 

To begin, there are several interconnected factors reshaping the beef industry landscape that have caused a scarcity of young beef.   Over recent years, advancements in breeding techniques within the dairy industry help dairy farmers to precisely breed calves to meet their needs. This shift has resulted in a decline in the number of young calves available for alternative uses, such as pet food. Moreover, the rising demand for beef in human-food markets has further strained the availability of young calves for non-conventional purposes. With a greater emphasis on meeting the needs of the human-food industry, the supply of young beef suitable for Whole Prey diets has dwindled.

In response, My Pet Carnivore began exploring alternative options to meet our customers’ need for raw feeding with beef prey.  But we didn’t want to sacrifice the quality, sourcing, or balance of nutrients that your pets have come to love in raw feeding. 

Working with Midwestern farmers, butchers, and taking feedback from our loyal customers, we introduced a true “carnivore blend”—a premium prey-model raw recipe that’s single-species with a diversity of not only bone, organ, and meat, but also collagen and connective tissues, a range of three different secreting organs, and raw-ground bones rather than highly-processed bone meal. 

Our Ground Beef Supreme PMR product is a work of love for your beef-loving pets.  Pure beef prey, raw ingredients, and a variety of tissue.  We created a product with all the benefits of raw feeding:

  • Balanced Nutrition. With a blend of meat, raw bone, heart, liver, kidney, and spleen.
  • Real Raw Bone Chunks. Unlike other PMR products, we do not used processed bone-meal.  Our PMR approach emulates a carnivorous diet with all the benefits thereof.
  • Minimal processing. All of our ingredients, bone and all, are raw from the butcher. 
  • Natural Diet Simulation. The diversity in this prey model is the closest to a carnivore’s natural diet that we can formulate.

Nevertheless, there are some key differences between our prey-model Ground Beef Supreme and the classic whole-prey version, Whole Prey Young Beef. 

  1. Young beef is much leaner than Beef Supreme. For a complete diet, the higher fat content of mature beef is a better choice for most animals.  However, some of our customers specifically appreciated the low-fat choice of young beef.  If you’re looking for low-fat prey, check out our muskrat, beaver, or rabbit. 
  2. Young beef is much higher in bone ratio. While the prey-model-raw ratio often touted is 80-10-10, whole prey is subject to whatever ratio nature had created for that prey.  In the case of a young calf, their bone to muscle ratio is much higher.  If your predator needs a calcium content more in line with the 80-10-10 ratio, then Ground Beef Supreme is a much better option.

We are excited to introduce of our prey-model raw product, Ground Beef Supreme, as we continue our commitment to providing high-quality, species-appropriate nutrition for your beloved pets. Despite the changes in the beef industry, we've worked tirelessly to develop a premium alternative that maintains the integrity and nutritional balance of raw feeding.  While there are differences between Ground Beef Supreme and the classic Whole Prey Young Beef, both options remain excellent choices to add to your carnivorous companion’s rotation of raw food. At My Pet Carnivore, we're proud to offer products that prioritize the health and well-being of your pets, ensuring they thrive on a diet that's as close to nature as possible.


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