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2018 Tripe Sale!

2018 tripe sale2018 Tripe Sale!

Great News! It’s time for our most exciting event of the year–our Annual Beef Tripe Sale!! We haven’t raised our Beef Tripe prices since 2015…and now they’re on sale too! On sale are 5 LB. Ground Green Beef Tripe, Ground Green Beef Tripe-2 LB and Green Beef Tripe Strips/Chunks-5 LB.

Our sale is from 1 PM on Wednesday, April 25 until noon on Wednesday, May 23. (These sale times correspond with the monthly deadlines for our Western Michigan Route since it’s the last delivery trip of each month. Just in case you’re wondering.)

Thank you for continued support! We’re pleased to be able to bring you the best raw pet-food. Don’t forget to make room in your freezer!

Sale Items for April 2018: Beef Trachea, Duck Heads, Pork Kidney

On sale now: Beef Trachea, Duck Heads & Pork Kidney!

sale trachea

Pet eating a stuffed Beef Trachea

Many raw feeders give Beef Tracheas–frozen or thawed–as a treat. They are good and chewy! Tracheas can also be cut into rings, dehydrated or stuffed with tastiness such as Tripe or Beef Organ Mix.

sale duck head

Happy customer with a Duck Head


Duck Heads are a great way to give your pets a treat and extra organs–in the form of brains–at the same time. Super crunchy goodness!

pork kidney sale
Our Pork Kidney is conveniently sized for easy portioning and feeding! Kidneys are an important organ to feed. Most pet parents feed it a little at a time, joined with other mealtime selections such as meat and bones.

Meet Featured Staff Member: Kris McHenry

A little bit about Kris McHenry in his own words


I was born in Bakersfield, California and went to school there. I joined the Coast Guard in 1969 and served four years. During that time I spent a year and a half in Homer, Alaska on a buoy tender and 2 1/2 years in Monterey, California driving the motor lifeboats. After being discharged, I started learning the trade of a Glaser and subsequently owned three different glass shops in California. California is where I met my wife, Monica. Her family lived in Indiana, so we moved here. After retirement, I had the opportunity to try raw feeding and apply my love of driving. That’s when I became a driver for My Pet Carnivore.

Kris has been with us longer than any other staff member.kris pennsylvania pittsburgh

It’s been about five years. Both my dogs and I love My Pet Carnivore. We like the short muzzle breeds of dogs so we have one boxer and one French bulldog. Our boxer’s name is Elsa and our Frenchy is Sebastian or “Bash” for short. He lives up to the bash part of his name. He’s a big dog in a little body.

kris raw-feeding beatitudes michiganA day in the life

Our social life is filled up with church friends and family. And we spend a lot of time renovating houses. It seems no matter what house we live in, we want to do something to change it. The renovations naturally start as small projects and end up major ones. For example, February 4th of this year a 150 foot tree fell on our house while we were home. Thankfully, we were in the basement when it hit. Talk about a major renovation! It will be a couple months before we’re able to move back in. In the near future, we plan on doing more traveling. My wife’s brother is working on his PhD in Edinburgh,  Scotland. We are going to go there this summer for a month to visit and follow him around to the churches he gets assigned to. While we’re there, we plan to take a side trip to Germany, Luxembourg and some of the other smaller countries nearby.

Many of our Route customers have met Kris. We’re fortunate that he’s out there delivering for us every week! For a while (back in the day), Suzanne, Paul and Kris were the entirety of the human MPC staff.

MPC sponsors Mended Hearts Gala

Sponsoring Local Charitiessponsor

We are proud to be one of many sponsors of the Mended Hearts Rescue-Indy annual gala. The 2018 event has the theme of A Night of Glamour under the Big Top.

Here are the details. It will take place on April 14, 5-9 PM at Speak Easy Broad Ripple, 5255 Winthrop Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220. Tickets are $45 each.

Why support this fine Indianapolis charity?

Mended Hearts Indy is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of animals of all breeds, ages, and capabilities into responsible, qualified homes, while educating and encouraging responsible pet ownership and companion animal adoption.

We hope to see you at the Gala!

Product Notice

Important Product Notice From My Pet Carnivoreproduct alert


If you have any My Pet Carnivore brand food, particularly Ground Whole Young Beef-2 LB, 5 LB. Ground Whole Young BeefCoarse Ground Whole Chicken-2 LB. or Coarse Ground Whole Pork-2 LB. from the following lot numbers and find that they have an unpleasant odor, please contact us for a full refund or replacement. Not all products from all of these lots were affected by the odor.

34017, 34117, 344217, 344317, 34417, 34517, 34617, 34717, 34817, 34917, 35017, 35117, 35217, 35317, 35417, 35517, 35617, 35717, 35817, 35917, 36017, 36117, 36217, 36317, 36417, 36517, 00118, 00218, 00318, 00418, 00518, 00618, 00718, 00818, 00918, 01018, 01118, 01218, 01318, 01418, 01518, 01618, 01718.

  • Lab Update: 3/16/18. There are 2 labs currently analyzing samples: Michigan State University and Alliance Analytical in Michigan. Both labs now plan to have results at the end of next week, approximately 3/23/18. Alliance Analytical previously stated that their results would be ready 3/16/18 but they have postponed that date. We will keep this post updated.
  • Lab Update: 3/24/18. Neither lab has completed their results. We haven’t heard any feedback other than that another week is needed. This is frustrating, indeed. We have been told to expect results by 3/30/18.

Lab Update: 3/26/18

MSU Product Analysis–Click to Enlarge

Here is the result from the Michigan State University analysis. The product was Ground Young Beef, lot#36017. The product was chosen for it’s odor by a customer. The MSU lab was chosen by the customer who submitted the sample. The customer related these results to us.

The report shows that the product tested “negative for toxic organic compounds. No drug, pesticide or industrial compound residues observed.”

Final Lab Results: 3/31/18

The independent laboratory, Alliance Analytical has responded to Schoenborn Family Farms with the results from samples submitted on March 7, 2018. The lab wanted 2 samples to compare. Click on the images to see the results from a regular, unaffected Coarse Ground Chicken, lot#05918 and a container of Coarse Ground Chicken, lot#01718 which had a questionable odor. The evaluation states that “There is no significant difference between the Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer chromatograms of the two meat samples. This implies that the Meat considered to have a smell is equivalent to the Control (Good) sample of Meat.”

product alert

Coarse Ground Chicken from Control Sample. Report.


product alert

Coarse Ground Chicken from Control Sample. Figure 1.

product alert

Coarse Ground Chicken from Odor Sample. Report.

product alert

Coarse Ground Chicken from Odor Sample. Figure 1.







We are pleased that the independent analyses of these products confirm their safety. We feel confident that all of the lots named are safe and chemically untainted by the air at the facility where the Schoenborn staff was working, packaging our food.

For the comfort of you, our fellow raw-feeders, several weeks ago we removed from our inventory 6 pallets of various products with the lot numbers mentioned. These products will not go back into our inventory. They are not for sale.

The Full Story

To All of Our Valued Customers,

We need to bring to your attention an important issue. In December, Schoenborn Family Farms was experiencing an exhaust leak from a water heater in their new facility. This odor affected the air in the room where the products were being packaged. The problem was intermittent. It only occurred when both the water heater and the furnace were operating at the same time so it was a challenge to discover the source of the exhaust smell.  The problem began on or after December 5th and was repaired on January 17th. The farm staff worked full shifts in the facility while the occurrences took place. The staff reported no ill effects aside from experiencing the annoying odor. Everyone, however, was completely unaware that the My Pet Carnivore food that they were grinding and packaging had picked up some of that “exhaust-like” odor.

In late January, after the problem had already been remedied, we received our first–and very few complaints about the odor of the some of the products. That is when the previous exhaust issue was explained to us. Needless to say, our producer was extremely surprised to hear that there was a ‘smell’ to the food. We immediately pulled from our inventory all of the products from the effected dates that were reported to have an odor. To be thorough, the Schoenborns also contacted the lab that they work with for nutritional analysis. The lab assured us—repeatedly—that there would absolutely not be anything of a level that would be detectable in the products in question. And, that this was not a health threat but simply an odor issue. Being in the raw pet food industry, we have a great deal of experience with the variances in food fragrance (from various breeds of animals, to their environment, to organs not being evenly mixed, etc.). We were advised that this should be handled in the same manner. We explained the situation to all customers who inquired. And we gave refunds and replacements as requested.

To further investigate, we began feeding Coarse Ground Whole Chicken and Coarse Ground Whole Pork from the lots in question to Archie & Ben, our 12 year old Bernese Mountain Dogs. We would have had them try the Ground Young Beef as well but they have never enjoyed that product–too lean for their tastes. Archie & Ben have experienced no ill effects from these meals.

As stated, the exhaust smell in the air of the facility was an infrequent occurrence—not happening on every day and not for very long. Simply, it did not happen on every consecutive product lot number. And not every product on the specific days were affected. By mid-late February, only a handful of customers reported problems, so we thought that the problem was a minor one.

In the last week and a half, we have received more calls—32 at present count—so we were prompted to send some of the containers in question to the lab and are expecting results this week. If the results show any harmful substances, we will of course order an official recall. In the meantime, please check your containers for the following lot numbers.

Potential lot numbers where this issue could have occurred are 34017, 34117, 344217, 344317, 34417, 34517, 34617, 34717, 34817, 34917, 35017, 35117, 35217, 35317, 35417, 35517, 35617, 35717, 35817, 35917, 36017, 36117, 36217, 36317, 36417, 36517, 00118, 00218, 00318, 00418, 00518, 00618, 00718, 00818, 00918, 01018, 01118, 01218, 01318, 01418, 01518, 01618, 01718.

Understanding MPC’s Lot Numbers

The first 3 numbers are the day of the year and the last 2 numbers are for the year. For example, December 19, 2017 gives you a lot number of 35317.

Which Products?

The proteins that we make the most of, the young beef, chicken and pork, are most likely the proteins with that “exhaust” smell. If you have received any of this product that you fell is affected by the odor, please contact us immediately for a full refund or replacement.

In addition, we are working to directly email each customer who ordered during the time before the products in question were pulled.

Our Deepest Apology

We understand fully how upsetting this is. We are personally heartbroken over the issue. We put everything we have into this company each and every day. This industry is one of surprising difficulty and ever-surprising challenges. However, we truly believe in our mission to provide the very best for your pets and in the power of raw food. We know we may be blamed for not alerting our customers quicker, but as stated, we were given assurances that it was a minor issue. Since we have always had such close, open and honest communications with our customers, we felt we were responding appropriately by thoroughly explaining the issue to everyone with which we spoke. Should this explanation is read as being evasive or worse, we regret that deeply. It is often difficult to know the best way to handle each new challenge that arises, but we do work hard at being a source you can trust. We are saddened by, and sincerely apologize to, those who may have lost trust in us.

Most importantly, we want you to know that we have absolute and complete confidence in our producer, Schoenborn Family Farms. We have become acquainted with a great-many pet manufacturers over the years, and we believe that the Schoenborns’ are by far the most honest, hard-working and conscientious people we have ever met, much less have the privilege to work with.  They are completely supportive of getting this information out. And they are equally as pained by these turn of events.

Contact Us

You may call the office at 317-694-4749 or email us at We sincerely appreciate all that our customers do for and meant to us, and we know that this will come as quite a disappointment to many of you. If any of you need to speak to me personally, I am happy to receive your calls. My cell number is 317-339-3662.

Most Sincerely,

Suzanne & Paul Dijak-Robinson

Beware the Ides of March! Counting down to Archie & Ben’s 12th Birthday!

Archie & Ben at 3 months of age: June 2007

Happy Birthday! Celebrating 12 Years of Love & Dedication

How should we pay tribute to the two individuals–family members–the better half of our Team Double Dos–that have been with us through thick & thin? They have lovingly been by our sides at the advent of MPC in our lives. From meager times when we could count on one hand our days off for the year to their much-deserved semi-retirement at age 10, Archie & Ben are so deserving of praise and accolades that it seems fitting to delve into their laid-bear 😉 virtues just in time for their 12th birthday. So, here are 12 subjects about Archie & Ben. We’ll be celebrating the 12 days leading up to their birthday.

12th Birthday minus 12

Humble Beginnings: Rescued by BARC, Inc.

archie ben birthday

Archie & Ben’s Adoption Day: June 2007

Our little guys came to us when they were just 3 months old. People ask if they are siblings. We don’t know. They were rescued along with many other puppies by BARC, Inc. Archie (Keanu) and Ben (Kyle) were part of the “K” puppies. We renamed Archie after Cary Grant (Archibald Leach), my favorite actor. Ben’s name came from Benner, a family name.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known to be gentle giants. (Our guys are at the tiny end of the spectrum weighing in at 84 LBs.) Our guys certainly are kind, patient & loving. They enjoy taking part in conversations, they love to discuss business and they throw great parties.

12th Birthday minus 11

The Raw-feeding Movement

archie birthday eating

Archie taste-testing some Fine Ground Turkey Necks

“Life-changing,” the boys always say. “Brighter, healthier coats, strong digestive system, great blood values, fewer vet visits—more great things than we can count. What more can you ask for?” Truly, raw-feeding has been nothing short of transformative for both our boys as well as ourselves. They are so happy eating the food that Mother Nature intended!

Without Archie & Ben, we never would have found our way into this amazing industry and felt privileged to be a part of it. Plus, thanks to the earlier, “building years”, our boys and we were able to see so much of the Midwest and meet face-to-face so many other, wonderful, enthusiastic people of the same mind. None of us can find the words of sufficient gratitude!

It’s a bold statement, but we believe that feeding our boys My Pet Carnivore food has added years to their lives. The life expectancy for their breed is 6 – 8 years. It sure hasn’t hurt, that’s for sure!

12th Birthday minus 10

Happy Campers

That’s one of the many nicknames that we give our little guys. They also have “Little-Cookie-Faces”, “Cuddle-Bears” and “Mugginses” to name a few. But overall, we just think of them as our Happy Campers—always excited to go out with us, pitch a tent and just sleep by the fire. Ooooooooh, camping!

archie ben camping birthday

Surveying a pond from a row boat: Autumn 2015

Camping or glamping (camping while enjoying some nice amenities) simply must be enjoyed in the early Spring or the coolness of Autumn. Piling close together in a tent or sleeping in the comfort of a rental house with the windows open are the epitome of roughing it for Ben & Archie.

What’s your favorite part?

“Laying in the dirt absorbing as much debris as possible,” says Ben. “Definitely peeing in new places,” according to Archie.

12th Birthday minus 9

Responsibilities at MPC

What are you doing, boys? “Touring the facilities and picking up the slack.” They like to talk tough, but really, our staff works so hard that Archie & Ben’s main job is greeting customers and getting their feedback. They have always been tremendous spokesmodels, and they are happy to get paid in cuddles.

Taste Testing

archie ben star birthday

Indianapolis Star article: December 2011

“Easily one of the best perks of the job,” says Archie. We like to make sure that new inventory and any new treat “adaptations” get first review from their discerning palates. So far so good with Ben giving our farmer 4-Paw Michelin Stars.

Archie: press releases, iron fist

We like to think of Archie as our “Benevolent Dictator”. He’s sweet & cuddly, but plenty tough! It’s his independent streak and relentless drive that make him truly suitable to ghost-authoring many of our announcements and especially our newsletters (don’t let our GM fool you).

Archie wrote our first press release which resulted in a short article in the Indianapolis Star. To date, it has been the only article about MPC. Unlike new restaurants (which local media can’t get enough of), little interest is piqued by a small raw-food company plodding along year after year. Luckily, we do it for the love and not the recognition!

Ben: hugging customers, serene sleeper

Ben has sleeping down to such an art that it makes anyone who sees him enjoying his favorite pastime simply jealous. “Clean living, that’s the secret,” or so he claims. But given a choice, he would pick giving our visitors the patented “Berner lean” for that oh-so-special hug.

12th Birthday minus 8


archie ben snow birthday

Archie & Ben howling in the snow: January 2018

They weren’t sure we should include this one. Not that snow isn’t one their most favorite things—you’ll never see a Berner happier than when they are taking a snow-roll. It’s just that Archie felt it went without saying. The Swiss, apparently, are a subtle lot.

“Snow has that winter umami–that tangible mellowing agent,” declares Archie. “I’m pretty sure I look my most regal when surrounded by the white stuff. –Not that I’m self-absorbed or anything!” adds Ben.

12th Birthday minus 7

Wisdom on Running a Company

archie ben birthday staff

MPC Staff photo: August, 2016

“Hire the best people, and trust them to do their best.” We aren’t sure which of our boys should get credit for that one, so we strongly believe it was a product of MPC pack mentality. In any case, wise words to live by. And, speaking of product, “It’s easy to be enthusiastic about our products since we truly believe they are the best on the market. We are very attentive to quality, sourcing & convenience and always are striving to improve!” states Archie. “Don’t procrastinate! It will keep you up at night. Plan for the future,” declares Ben.

For many years, we made sure that Archie & Ben were with us during all staff interviews and all visits to the Schoenborn farm. We still prefer to have a dog or cat present when deciding whether to work with a vendor or hire a staff member. You know, you can tell a lot about people by the way they act around pets.

12th Birthday minus 6

Cameras & Cats Are Reminiscent of the Benjamin Franklin Adage

birthday archie ben redd

Redd visits Archie & Ben at home

The quote goes like this, “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” – Benjamin Franklin. Archie & Ben feel that way about cameras and cats. Both are a bit of a nuisance to be ignored as best possible.

“Want a picture? Better be quick. Want to be a house-cat guest? Better be quicker.” The boys can really give you the impression that they put up a bigger fuss than they do when Redd stays over. But in reality, they are as patient as river-rock.

Archie & Ben have been inseparable since we adopted them, if not before. Being bonded is a great lifestyle for them but it can prove to be disappointing to outsiders (other dogs that want to play . . . and cats). Archie & Ben simply have no interest, save a perfunctory sniff & greet, in sampling the frivolity that exists outside their closed circle.

We’re so thankful that they tolerate us!

12th Birthday minus 5

Fur Tangles & The Unexpected

archie ben birthday

Daily cuddles are essential

Even when you do your best, sometimes things don’t go your way. That’s an understatement when it comes to running a small business. So, it time that we interrupt this birthday celebration for an unhappy product alert.

Regarding fur tangles, we were surprised they wanted us to include this subject until they explained the upside—frequent grooming. They are always especially excited to see our Transportation Manager / Pet-Groomer Extraordinaire / Superhero, Cameron. She does a wonder with their coats. Archie & Ben love to lounge under her gentle and thorough brushing.

12th Birthday minus 4

Conversation Faux Pas: Politics & Religion

archie ben birthday christmas

Family Christmas photo: December 2017

It’s amazing how two boys that have been inseparable their whole lives can have distinct difference of opinions. And, they don’t mind taking on touchy subjects!

Ben took a liking to Catholicism after going to a St. Francis of Assisi pet blessing. Whereas, Archie is a devout pagan, shunning prayer before mealtime and often participating in secret dirt-rolling activities.

As for politics, they both enjoy the self-sufficient, charity-begins-at-home ideology of Libertarianism. They give generously to pet charitieslocal arts and independent radio.

However, have you ever witnessed a German Shepard, an Italian Greyhound, an English Sheep Dog and a Bernese Mountain Dog in the same room trying to talk about God or Government? They always want the Berners to be the neutral moderator—never again!

12th Birthday minus 3

Aging Like a Fine Wine

archie ben birthday

Archie & Ben try out their deck ramp: Summer 2017

12 years old and still going strong. Though, like wine, they are mellowing nicely and enjoying that “fuller body” lifestyle that comes with slowing down and truly enjoying each day. Cheers, Boys!

Archie was officially diagnosed with bladder cancer in April 2017. He had been having symptoms for almost a year at that point. He does take a medication for that and has already outlived the specialist’s prognosis. All of his vital organs are super healthy–other than his bladder. And, he is still full of vim and vigor!

Ben has slowed down considerably. He doesn’t mind a little help standing up. Both boys get carried to & from our house’s second floor where we sleep. He still enjoys car rides and wants to be close to us (and especially Archie) all the time.

Nights are much different now. We wake up every 3 hours or so to tend to Archie & Ben’s needs. It’s so worth it to have them with us.

12th Birthday minus 2

Passing the Time: WITT 91.9 FM

archie ben birthday

Listening to WITT 91.9 FM

Most dogs may not listen to the radio, but for our boys, it’s one of the constants in their lives. Whether hanging around the house, on a car ride or keeping track of the staff at HQ, they always have the unique & quirky line-up that the good volunteer folks at WITT work so hard to put together. In fact, MPC sponsors the streaming of this one-of-a-kind  station. Archie says that he especially likes the show Speak Easy, since it makes him feel all classy, while Ben is more of a fan of the frequent comedian bits like the old Bob & Ray shows. (He’s a card, our Ben).

In fact, WITT will be airing some favorite shows to honor Archie & Ben’s birthday & their continuing financial support. You can listen too! Check out the special birthday programming from noon to 5 PM on the boys’ birthday, Thursday, March 15. The station streams at or can be heard broadcasted in Indianapolis at 91.9 FM.

12th Birthday minus 1

Life Philosophy

archie ben birthday

This one took a while to get out of our little Tea Cup Grizzlies (another favorite nickname) as they are really shy about giving life-advice.

Archie’s philosophy boils down to “Love and expect good things—like dinner!” Also, “Beware of top heavy people. They are likely to fall on you.”

For Ben, “Life is best greeted each morning with a vigorous howl and saluted each night with a relaxing stretch before bed”.

Life has many bumps in the road for us all. Live each day with integrity & purpose. Be sure to take time to stop and roll in the grass.

Happy 12th Birthday, my sweet bears!

Thursday, March 15

Birthdays are times to be nostalgic. These last couple of years, we have been especially focused on savoring every moment we get with Archie & Ben. They haven’t minded giving up the constant delivery trips in exchange for a peaceful sleep every night at home. None of us know how much time we or our pets have in this world. Like you, we try to do everything possible–through raw-feeding, alternative health & embracing kindness– to make the most of each day for our pets. We want to provide the best quality of life for every day–every gift–that we are given.

FAQ? How about Forgivably Asked Questions

As much as we are transparent with our customers about our premium quality pet food, our procedures and our purpose, we are that much more confusing to our neighbors outside the raw-feeding world. We have a well-worn FAQ page for our valued customers. We thought it was about time to dedicate a friendly, light-hearted counterpart to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions from the casual observer.

Real questions asked at our front door:FAQ

“Suggestion: You should offer a dog self-wash in addition to grooming.” We get this question a lot. Sorry, we are not groomers nor do we intend to add a self-wash.

At least we know if we ever decide to change career tracks, we will not have to look too hard for grooming clients!

“Will you vaccinate my cat?” Not only do we not, we do take a few minutes to suggest alternatives and voice concerns about over-vaccination. Titering is a good alternative! Not that we are militant, but Ben and Archie have spent the last 10 years happily vaccine free. Seems to be working out.

On a side note, our zip code has the highest incidence of abandoned pets in Indianapolis. Sadly, pets are often under-cared for. For this reason, anyone residing in 46203 is eligible for low cost spay/neutering and vaccinations for their pets–just not from us.

“How much to trim my dogs nails?” Sorry, we are really, really still not pet groomers.

Seems like we are not the only ones who cringe at trimming those fuzzy toes. Our boys are very patient with us, but we sometimes leave them too long for fear of cutting too deep.  Luckily, there is a vet up the road who is happy to help out!

“What kinds of pets do you sell?” None. Have you considered adopting a shelter pet?FAQ

However, we are passionate about the health of our dog, cat and ferret clients! We especially love to hear the life-changing stories of their return to health after switching to our food.

“What is a ‘Pet Carnival’?” This is a common misreading of our name. Also, much to our chagrin, ‘My Pet Chicken’ pops up a lot when we’re being googled!

Hang around inside our HQ, and you will meet our performers: Redd, Jude, Ben, Archie, Darhma, Chelsea and on and on. It’s so great to have staff members who bring their pets to work!

“You own a pet food company? Oh, we use Blue Buffalo brand for our pets. That’s really good, right?” This is the sort of question that makes raw-feeders exchange glances. Our typical answer, “It’s fine . . . for a kibble”.

If our dogs, cats & ferrets were meant to eat kibble, then, surely Mother Nature would have grown a kibble plant thousands of years ago! Instead, we believe that dogs, cats & ferrets are carnivores and should be fed food that their bodies were designed to eat: a raw meat, bone and organ diet. Our purpose is to provide the very best quality of pet food from trusted, nutritious local sources.

“Where are all the bags of food? When will you be open for business?” It must seem strange to the uninitiated to look into our building–after hearing that we sell pet food–and not see any bags of food laying around. However, all of our pet food is meat, bones and organs. So, we keep it nutritiously sound and frozen solid in our 2 walk-in freezers. Our pet food, well, looks like food! It gets delivered to us in freezer trucks from our farmer. And, likewise, it leaves our facilities, on deliveries to our valuable customers, in our freezer trucks (or for FedEx shipping, packed in dry ice in insulated boxes.)FAQ

“Are your products in Petsmart?” We used to tell folks that we aren’t in the big box pet supply stores since the stores don’t have a freezer section. That seems to be changing, but we have no plans to go full retail. That would add a LOT of markup to our products. We would rather have control over the handling of our products and our brand and pass the savings on to our customers. We hope to always be able to work directly with our lovely customers.

“Are you butchering goats in there?” Luckily, our hands are busy filling orders. We have the amazing luxury of relying on the Schoenborn Family Farm folks in Holland, MI to do the artisanal butchering and packaging. Can’t thank them enough!

“I remember a place on the Eastside, back in the day, that would sell horse meat for dog food. Where do you get your horse meat?” No, no, no. Still fighting the good fight of terribly erroneous misconceptions. Pray for us!

We think our products are fresher and more nutritious than most food sold in supermarkets for people! No diseased or dying animals are used in our pet food.FAQ

“Gross, I’m a vegetarian.” Actually, it’s surprising how many of our customers are vegan or vegetarian. When people make that healthy switch for themselves, they often begin to ask “what, then, is species appropriate for my pets?” And we are frequently thanked by those very customers for helping them feed their pets in such a convenient manner.

“You should be on Shark Tank. It would help you drum up some business.” While we love the show, we are pushing the Schoenborns as hard as we can for increased supply. We would hate to have to sell everyone 1 product.

Real questions asked of MPC drivers:

“Do you have strippers in that van?” Actual question asked in a McDonald’s parking lot in Illinois! Yikes, we still ponder the social implications of that question. Double-yikes.

“Can I get a Rocket Pop?” True, we had a group of excited children in Ohio chase down one of our delivery trucks doing home deliveries in a neighborhood. They mistook our truck for the ice cream truck. Such sad faces!!!

We hope this article gave you a chuckle. And, if you have a family pet, please look into all the benefits of feeding them raw. We’d love to help you!

MPC Continues Monthly Delivery to Council Bluffs, IA & Omaha, NE

omaha deliveryIn our 2018 route expansion we sadly said goodbye to our Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA stops. But, we have good news! A dedicated customer & raw-feeder has stepped forward to be our “runner” so we can continue to service these areas. Tracy O’Meara will be nice enough to pick-up orders in Clive, IA the Saturday mornings of the Illinois, Iowa, La Crosse, Minnesota Route and drive them to the Cracker Barrel parking lot in Council Bluffs, IA at 530 30th Ave, Council Bluffs, IA 51501. The pick-up time will be 11:15 AM. To get your order, please look for her vehicle. She drives a Blue Jeep Grand Cherokee which might be hauling a trailer with it. Tracy’s phone number is (402) 210-9397. If you’re running slightly behind or having trouble finding Tracy at Cracker Barrel, please call her.

MPC will continue to stand by these orders and will take care of of any customer issues regarding products. You can expect the same great quality as always! The difference from all of our other drop-off locations is that this delivery point will be handled exclusively by Tracy O’Meara. If an order is not picked up, MPC will not offer refunds on these orders. Instead, it will be between you and Tracy to figure out a time and location to pick-up your order.

Orders need to be placed in advance, as usual, through the website and just simply search for and choose the Council Bluffs, IA drop-off location at checkout. Orders need to be placed by the deadline for this route. Click for details.

We are very excited to continue to provide the best quality raw pet-food to you, our valued friends in the Omaha area!

Our Christmas & New Year’s Holiday Hours



Redd poses with the MPC Christmas Tree

We have special holiday hours! Now, with Christmas around the corner, we will be closing again for a few more days for some more holiday time with our family members–furry and otherwise. We just want to alert you all to some changes ahead:

  • We will be closed from 4pm Friday, December 22 through Monday, December 25. We will reopen for HQ order pick-ups at 11am on Tuesday, December 26.
  • We will be closed New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.
MPC managers, Christine & Ben will be catching up on emails and voice mails after the holiday breaks, please bear with them as they dig out.
  • For the holiday weeks, FedEx orders will be sent out on the Tuesdays rather than the usual Mondays. This will occur the weeks of December 26 and January 2.
  • Almost all of our Delivery Routes via our Freezer trucks are changing in January. Please make sure you find out how these changes will effect you!
Wonder what’s going on with the rest of our staff for the holidays?
  • Our illustrious order packing team of three will have a few days off after they finish packing the Illinois Route orders. But they’ll be back at it come Boxing Day/Kwanzaa to get the FedEx orders out to you fine folks!
  • We’ll have our four drivers at the wheel until Christmas Eve. Then they will be driving orders for the Eastern Michigan Route and Western Michigan Route just before the New Year.
  • Redd, our shop cat, will vacation in the home of Suzanne, Paul, Archie & Ben as usual. Paul is quite nervous about this since Redd escaped during the last break. (Let’s just say that our Thanksgiving was spent scouring the streets of our Fountain Square neighborhood!) We hope for a more relaxing Christmas!
  • Archie & Ben have been extra good in hopes that the Christmas Moose will bring them some tasty presents. They have already sampled the new Goat Milk and find it most agreeable!
In conclusion, may we say, we appreciate all of you fellow raw-feeders very much!! We truly wish you & your family a blessed holiday season! Give your four-legged friends a hug from us!
staff hours

Back: Suzanne, Grant, Cameron, Alex, Christine, Dawn, Kris, Kathy, Tim Front: Ben, Jason, Dana, Paul, Redd

2018 Delivery Route Revisions

Beginning in January — New Routes & Added Territories. Check this page frequently.routes

For the remaining 2017 delivery routes, please check out our current routes, home deliveries and FedEx shipping options.

For 2018: We continue to get the word out about the many exciting route revisions starting in January. See links below. If your route is changing, be sure to note possible time, location & day of delivery changes.

Why the changes? We are attempting to make each route more efficiently travelled. We’ve been collecting data from the past year to investigate how to better bring you the best raw food! Our goal is to make these updates as effortless as possible for you, our all-important customer.

A Few Words About Indiana & Illinois Delivery Routes:

Because we use the highways of Indiana & Illinois to travel far and beyond, you will find that the cities within these two great states have been portioned out to other states’ routes. The good news is that you may have more options of near-by towns where you may pick up your order. However, you’ll need to become savvy about which routes pertain to you. (Once 2018 is upon us, our zip code look-up will further help you identify pertinent locations.)

2018 Chicagoland-Milwaukee Route

2018 Illinois-Wisconsin Route

2018 Kentucky, Tennessee & Southern Indiana Route

2018 Illinois, Memphis, Kentucky & Indiana Route

2018 Southern Ohio, West Virginia, Pittsburgh & Kentucky Route

2018 Northern Ohio Route: no changes

2018 Illinois, Iowa, La Crosse & Minnesota Route

2018 Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma & Kansas Route

2018 Western Michigan-Indiana Route: no changes

2018 Eastern Michigan Route: no changes

2018 Home Deliveries for Indianapolis, Columbus IN, Chicagoland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Louisville: no changes

2018 FedEx Shipping: It’s not a delivery route so, no changes

2018 Order Pick-up at HQ: no changes, we’re here 6 days a week to serve you!

We respect your time, appreciate your business & apologize for any inconvenience that these necessary changes might cause. We look forward to helping you!

How and Why to Feed Tripe

Want to feed tripe? Here are some good reasons to go for it. From your friends at My Pet feed tripe MPC

Nearly every raw feeder eventually comes to the point where she feels compelled to investigate the benefits of feeding green tripe to her pets. It is likely the most frequent subject of inquiry as to why to feed tripe, how to feed tripe and how often. While there can be more than a few right answers to each of these questions, they all add up to a simple one: feeding tripe is great for your pet! While not exhaustive, the following will hopefully give you some guidance.

Why feed green tripe?

There are so many benefits! Tripe is an excellent source of probiotics and digestive enzymes, a tremendous source of nutrients and a transitioning-to-raw-feeding “booster”. Let’s try to focus on some of the basic, most compelling reasons to feed green tripe.feed tripe container

The manganese connection.

One of the oft over-looked minerals in the raw diet is manganese. This mineral, though only required in small amounts, is a critical component in supporting proper blood values, sugar regulation, nerve function, healthy hormone balance, connective tissues and proper calcium absorption. Common sources of Manganese are fur and feathers. However, we find that many raw feeders tend not to feed these portions. Indeed, we tend to get calls from concerned customers about the small amounts of fur and feathers that we do include in our grinds.

Nutrients galore.

Along with manganese, tripe provides many other necessary minerals, namely calcium and phosphorus. Calcium and phosphorus are also critical minerals that are found in perfect ratios in tripe. Puppy caregivers know that the right calc/phos balance is essential for proper bone growth. Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids exist in perfect proportion in green tripe as well. Balancing 3s and 6s tends to cause anxiety amongst raw feeders. So, when you feed tripe, you basically take a “no brainer” approach since it is likely the most varied and balanced source of nutrition of any single meat item.

How should I feed tripe?feed tripe supermix

Our tripe comes from the first 2 chambers of a ruminant’s stomach called the rumen and the reticulum. Tripe is considered a meat item and fed as such in either chunks or ground. It can be fed by itself as an entire meal or as part of a larger recipe. Fed chunk-style, as with our Green Beef Tripe Strips, it is the ‘toothbrush’ of meats. Tripe strips have a chewy, textured quality that gently massages your carnivore’s gums and scrapes their teeth as they masticate. Fed ground, as with our Ground Green Beef Tripe, it is a breeze to feed. Just dollop and serve! And its stinky quality and easy-eating can promote an appetite in pets dealing with a lack of motivation due to illness or age.

Tripe, tripe, all sorts of tripe.

We offer ground lamb tripe and ground goat tripe but only beef tripe in both ground and in chunks (due to limited supply of lamb and goat).

Ground Green Beef Tripe with T & G. Tripe ground with beef trachea and gullet not only provides the myriad of nutritional benefits but also an additional amount of support for pets with joint discomfort. Beef trachea & gullet are a natural source for chondroitin sulfate. Tracheal cartilage has also shown success in helping to isolate cancers, tumors and other diseases by preventing their growth and spread.

Ground Green Beef Tripe Supermix. We consider Beef Tripe Supermix to be our flagship product. This popular selection provides the bones and organs essential for a complete raw meal. Keep in mind, it is absolutely fine to feed just 100% tripe for a meal so long as you increase the bones and organs you feed to make up for them over the next few days.

How often should I feed tripe?feed tripe freezer

In our opinion, there are few wrong answers to this one. When we first started feeding our own Bernese Mountain Dogs, adjusting to the smell of tripe was challenging (for us, not our dogs!) so we tended to only feed tripe occasionally. At present, we have committed to at least 3-4 meals a week that consist of, at least In part, tripe. Our boys are especially keen on the lamb tripe (which, in our opinion, is the most pungent), but we use all three types. We also like to mix spleen in with the tripe (goat spleen in goat tripe, for example) to give our boys the organs they need. Often we will give them a duck foot for dessert (to throw in a little bone for them). Though as before, sometimes dinner is just plain tripe, and we never get complaints! Having said all of that, we do have many customers who feed tripe on a daily basis. It really is one of those items that cannot be “overfed”, provided the needed organs and bone content are somewhere in the equation.

Stay tuned to “The Tripe Blog” as we will be adding more information and considerations when feeding tripe. And as always, please visit our Bulk Feeding Page for information on discounts for larger tripe orders. This is a great option for co-ops or groups of friends that want to get the best price on our wonderful tripe offerings!

More Hours for Our Valued Local Raw Feeders!

More Hours, Larger Service Area and Free Home Delivery

Everyone here at My Pet Carnivore has been overwhelmed at the response to our products. Seems like raw-feeding your pets is truly taking hold. As a result, we could not be more excited about bringing ever-more options to the Indianapolis area raw-feeding community including expanded hours.

Expanded Saturday Hours in Fountain Square:

Beginning July 8th, we will be available from Noon-3 PM each Saturday for local pickups. Shopping with us is easy, and so is pickup. Order online. Then schedule your time quickly and easily by using our online calendar. As always, we are available each weekday from 10AM to 6PM. Also, watch for even later hours on select days for added convenience.

Larger Delivery Arearaw-feeding beatitudes michigan hours

Maybe you live in Waverly. Perhaps your raw-fed palace in Noblesville. Do you have a pack of pups in Greenfield? In any case, every Tuesday, we deliver to homes and offices in the 9-county area that makes up the Indianapolis community making your access even easier!

Free Home Delivery

What is better than greater access to the best raw pet food available? How about free home delivery? We offer our customers free to-your-door service for any order over $250.00. Stock up and save with bulk discounts on many of our products and take advantage of our worry-free delivery.

Why MPC?

What a great question! Consequently, we have great answers. Read all of the reasons why on our information page, but for some highlights:

SourcingMPC my pet carnivore staff hours

We carefully select only the finest offerings from small, family-owned farms. Unlike other brands, we never use “rejects” or condemned animals. Additionally, we source only USDA inspected and approved items for the individual and “mix” components. Most importantly, our producer holds several licenses, ensuring careful handling and proper production.


Our focus is and always has been our raw-feeding customers. For the past 7 years, we have dedicated ourselves to caring for each customer like they are the most important one. Great food deserves great customer service. Have a raw-feeding question? We are happy to help! Have a concern about getting started? We would love to hear from you! Give us a call, send us an email or just drop by. We are here for you: Contact Us

Just Plain Love for Raw-Feedinghours

We started as customers, and we became advocates! We witnessed first-hand how raw-feeding changed our boy’s lives for the better, and as a result, we now share the mission. Don’t hesitate–come and visit our website and explore it for yourself, and fall in love too!

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