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Why MPC?

Although raw-feeding is not yet a widely-practiced approach, avid pet lovers still have many choices. Pursuing a diet that your pets’ bodies were designed to eat is a worthy goal. Local farmers, butcher shops, hunting trips, etc. (as well as other raw food companies) are all available sources. Here at MPC, we pride ourselves on bringing you products that are the very best in quality, freshness and variety. And, we wrap it all up with great customer care! What makes us so confident? Here are some of the reasons:


We are constantly working with our main producer, Schoenborn Family Farms, to procure only the healthiest and most-naturally raised animals for our products. Mark, Carol, Kevin and Steve are the backbone of this family operation. They oversee each item and every animal at their facility in Holland, MI.

Exceptional Quality

Our brand uses only live, healthy animals for our whole-ground products. In addition, only inspected and approved selections from state and federally licensed processing plants are chosen for our chunked and MPC-exclusive mixes. The Schoenborns also hold their own federal and state licenses. Their facility is inspected several times a year to insure that all cleanliness and safe-handling regulations are followed. We are so proud of their constant hard work and dedication. They give so much care and attention to every product that their farm produces. The Schoenborns’ insist that only the healthiest and most naturally- and humanely-raised animals are considered. At times, this serious scrutiny of sources is reflected in our available inventory. We do want to secure more superior products. And so, we hope that the limitations in our quantities are evident in our quality!

Customer Service:

Paul, Suzanne, Archie & Ben began their journey with MPC in 2010. This small but might team answered every phone call and email. They packed every order, drove every mile and delivered every purchase. It was an enormous undertaking, but the long hours proved worthwhile as we now have a tremendous team supporting you and your furry family members. With two full-time managers in operations and dedicated packing and driving teams, we are able to cover more territory. We are able to help more customers and respond quickly to customer needs. Let us help you along your raw-feeding journey! Send us those pictures–we love adding you and your loved ones to our Facebook and newsletters!


Like you, we have our own story of how we came to raw feeding. Paul & Suzanne’s story begins in 2008 with our own Bernese Mountain Dogs, Ben & Archie. Most certainly, “Berners” are known for their gentle spirits, loving personalities and sadly, a shorter-than-average life-span for a dog their size. We couldn’t stand the thought that an unnatural kibble diet would take them away from us far too soon. Also, Ben, our picky eater, used to get the saddest expression on his face at mealtime when we served kibble! So, once we investigated raw-feeding, we made the switch. Both of our boys became broader-shouldered. Their itchiness was alleviated. They gained shinier and softer coats.. The plaque on their teeth vanished. Furthermore, they digested their food better. They even had sweeter dispositions (if that’s possible for a Berner)!  The challenge was, where do we find their food? We had studied and knew they needed meat, organs and bones in their diet from all-natural sources.

The Genesis

After a lot of searching, we found My Pet Carnivore, owned and operated by Doug & Sue Sloan. Doug was so helpful. Sadly, his wife Sue was already very sick by then. We never had the pleasure of meeting her before her untimely passing, but she left such a tremendous legacy! The hundreds of dogs, cats and people that she helped through her tenacity, personal touch and commitment to health resources had a huge impact. We owe Doug and Sue such a debt of gratitude. We are humbled at the thought of continuing in their footsteps. We have not forgotten the spirit of dedication to helping pets find their optimal health that this company was founded on. Nor have we forgotten what it was like to be brand new to raw-feeding in need of help, guidance and a trusted source. Our passion for pets and all you lovely raw feeders continues to drive us every day.


My Pet Carnivore is a small family-run company. We are committed to the fact that dogs, cats and ferrets are carnivores and should be fed food that their bodies were designed to eat. That is a raw meat, bone, and organ diet. We believe that raw-fed pets are the happiest, healthiest pets. In addition, we believe that feeding dogs, cats and ferrets as carnivores is cost effective and promotes pet longevity. Along with a staff chocked full of raw-feeders, we also subscribe to a variety of continuing education sources. In addition, we are Pet Food Nutrition Specialists certified by Dogs Naturally Magazine. We eat, drink and breathe raw-feeding! Most of all, it is a labor of love. We encourage every pet owner to pursue the facts about the best, natural diet for her pets. There are a variety of raw-feeding books, chats groups and natural dog magazines at your fingertips through online searches.

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Learn more about Schoenborn Family Farms located in Holland, Michigan. Schoenborn Family Farms is the family-owned partner of My Pet Carnivore.

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From farm to container, we’re concerned with sustainability, environmental impact and giving back. Explore more of our practices.

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